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Klaudia - Communication and Media Ba

Introducing Klaudia Lauková our graduate from Communication and Media Ba program and currently chasing her dreams in South Korea

My name is Klaudia Lauková and I come from Slovakia. 

How did you decide to study at METU and how did it began? 

As I was born in a bilingual family in which Slovak and Hungarian were spoken, coming to Budapest to study was natural to me. Thankfully, at the time of my application (I was very late!) METU was kind enough to interview me and they made sure I knew everything in detail, so that I needn’t worry about further application process and paperwork. I was pleasantly surprised by such warm welcome and I was excited to start studying once I passed.

Which program did you study and how was your experience while studying? 

I was a student of BA Communication and Media Science from September 2016 – June 2019. Although at the time of beginning of studies I knew I had a passion for creativity, it was even more enhanced once I got to choose a specialisation called “Integrated Media”. At the time, very few of us signed up for this specialisation, so we were expecting it to be cancelled, but METU surprised us and opened it for only the four of us who signed up. Naturally, I thought it would be awkward, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. Being as little as four in class enabled me to have loads of time with our teachers who really were experts in their field of study. 

As it seems you really enjoyed studying what you choose, regardless which was your favourite class? 

My favourite classes were about creating videos and learning to edit them in Adobe Premiere. It is a difficult programme to work in, but thanks to Fazekas Bencze we learned tricks and shortcuts on how to be fast and efficient. Moreover, through fun projects we had to do outside of class, we were able to be free and creative.

How did this program benefit you while studying at METU? 

METU really helped me with embracing my way of thinking in terms of creating content and producing the images I had in my mind. Not every student is immediately outspoken in a new environment, especially when they first enter a university ground. However, considering the kind and professional approach in the classes, I slowly gained confidence and self-trust which is a crucial trait if we want to be successful in our future careers or goals. 

What was the most Exciting part in your study period at METU? 

In winter semester of 2017 I applied for a Campus Mundi scholarship to Soongsil University in Seoul, South Korea. It was a nerve-wrecking time, but once I won it and left to study in South Korea the next semester, I knew it was the best decision I could make. In South Korea I was able to use all my editing skills as I was taking film making classes, and I couldn’t have been more grateful for all the advices I received and put them to good use, representing METU well even on the other side of the world. Thanks to this amazing experience, I chose my thesis topic about the minimalism in South Korean social media, and Dr Gyorgyi Retfalvi’s open-minded attitude and her interest for South Korean culture enabled me to receive her guidance as my supervisor for my bachelor thesis. Even though it was a difficult topic to pull through, she supported me all the way and saw potential, since it was an unusual topic.

What are your future plans now after graduating from METU? 

I received great amount of support and help from Dr Retfalvi and Bodis Krisztina who gave me recommendations for my Korean Government Scholarship application for master’s degree in Mass Communication. That is also where I am currently now: in South Korea, chasing my dreams as a Korean government scholar.

How will you summarise your entire journey at METU?

METU challenged me in ways that made me step out of my comfort zone for which I am very thankful and always look back as source of inspiration. I still remember the cheerful words of a very motivational lecturer Dr Vass Vilmos, as he said “Speak bravely”.