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Kimia Golabgir - Graphic Design MA

Introducing you Kimia Golabgir from Iran who is a recent graduate from Budapest Metropolitan University

1.Why did you choose this particular field and this study program?

I chose this program because I was studying Graphic design at a Technical school in Iran. 

2.What inspires you?

What inspires me the most is looking at the works of other designers.

3.Which were your favorite works during the university years and why? 

One of my favorite works besides my Diploma Project was designing a city identity for Amsterdam. I had so much fun with the illustrations and I learned a lot from my teacher along the way.

4.What was your diploma work? Why did you choose this topic? 

My Diploma work was a board game. I always love playing games, especially board games and I decided to make my own board game and introduce Persian culture and Persian games in it.

5.How do you think METU supported you professionally during these years?
Metu supported me to grow a lot as graphic designer. Helped me to find my path and become someone who I always dreamt to be.

6.Why would you suggest prospective students to choose METU?

During my studies I had so many great teachers that could help me to be who I am now as a Graphic Designer. I could not be more grateful.

7.How does it feel to be a fresh graduate?
It feels different not to be a student anymore. I have more responsibilities to overcome and I have a new path for life.

8.Was your final exam a good experience?

My final exam was absolutely amazing. Even though we had online classes during the pandemic situation, I could focus a lot on my final project and it gave me the opportunity to learn some new softwares to complete my Degree.

9.What kind of plans do you have for the future?

My goals for the future is to become a Freelancer in Graphic Design.