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Kaifulwara - Communication and Media MA

Introducing Kaifulwara MA Communication and Media Graduate Student

My name is Kaifulwara Mubbashir Memon. I am from Pakistan. I came to METU in 2016 to study Master’s in Communication and Media Studies and I graduated with flying colours in 2019. 

How can you describe your journey at METU?This journey has been potentially really productive as I got the best out of all my subjects. I use to love all cultural, communication and media classes, for me, all of my professors have been cooperative and have helped me generously. 

Who was your favourite professor during your studies?                                           

My all-time favourite professors are Rétfalvi Györgyi, Jolan Roka, Bodis Krisztina, Sandor ORBAN.

What was the topic of your Thesis work?The topic of my thesis was ˝Impact of Social media in Empowering the Involvement of Women in Educational Sector of Pakistan˝. 

What can you say about your overall experience at METU?                                     

My METU journey has been amazing and full of fun. In 2017, I was an official ambassador of my university. Luca Utassy has been a major part of the fun, as she has been organizing trips and events for all students. 

What are your plans for the future?While writing my thesis I got a job as a customer success coordinator in a Hungarian Company located in Budapest. They offered me to stay and work with them for future collaborations. Now, I work full time and working on, to pursue PHD in the nearby future.