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Welcome to the Erasmus pages of Budapest Metropolitan University!

If you have been already selected by your partner university, click HERE. To get a glimpse of our student life in METU, see some of our past events on the gallery below or check out our videos of our METU events HERE.


Apply online at ERASMUS INCOMING. Please note that we do not approve of any late applications. Be sure to upload all of the required documentation, including a picture of your passport (clearly showing the personal details).

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To get an idea of courses available in our university, please find the 2019/20 Fall Semester Eramus+ course list here:

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These are the necessary steps that you have to follow:

1. Before the registration ends, you have to upload the necessary documents.

2. Regarding learning agreement, you can fill in at a later stage based on the course list what we are going to send you- the course lists are indicative/informative and you have to sign up for the courses on your own. After the deadline, we are going to check every application, but if anything is missing, your application will be rejected, so make sure you have uploaded everything. In addition, we would like to inform you that we cannot accept documents via e-mail, you will have to upload to the application platform (

3. After checking the documents, we are going to provide the acceptance letter (if you get accepted by METU) with the exact dates of the semester.

4. Our Student Information Centre is going to send you a general e-mail regarding online registration to the university.

5. After that, you will receive information about the competitive course registration period – like in the case of our full-time students - regarding courses that have limited places. Therefore, it may happen that you have to change your originally signed learning agreement to the final courses (during the mobility part of the learning agreement).

6. The final step is that you will get an e-mail about the exact place and dates for your personal enrolment.

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Academic Calendar

Grading in Hungary 

FAQ based on previous semesters

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