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Éva Lukácsi

Éva Lukácsi Trainer at the International Languages Department

Recently we had an interview with her where she shared some of her great moments at METU 

1.Courses taught by you? 

International Negotiation Techniques, Business and Economic Terminology, Political Communication, Economic Communication, Business Development, International Protocol and Etiquette, Business Presentation 

2.How did your journey begin at METU? 

I started to teach in 2001 as a freelance trainer 

3.As a professor / leader according to you what is the most dynamic thing about METU? 

The most dynamic thing about METU is that METU can change. With clever marketing the university can follow trends and by implementing innovative ideas, such as MyBrand, we occupy a special place on the market.

4.Being a Teacher which course is your most favourite one and why so? 

A mother can never say which child she loves best: I like all my subjects, because they all are about successful communication in business, the only thing is that each subject looks at business communication from different aspects. But one thing is common: I do my best to support my students to be successful in their lives.

5.How it feels being a part of such an International community and how it evolves you as a professor / leader? 

Through the years I have been doing my best to create value in my lessons and I have always appreciated the international atmosphere this place offers. My work is about international communication and what can be more satisfying than practically having the whole world - your students representing five continents - at hand in your lessons? It is good to be part of METU because once you understand the main point - the need to change - you will be able to change, too. 

6.How would you describe your overall experience at METU so far? 

It is complicated and hard to find your place in this world as a person and it is just as complicated and hard for an organization to find its place on the market. METU community is working hard - by trial and error - to find the proper place in this globalized world and I am sure that we will reach the desired results. With our MyBrand initiative I think we are on the right track.

7.If you have to define METU and the community at METU in one sentence how will you define it? 

Feel the wind of change, create your BRAND and enjoy the ride.