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Erasmus COVID-19 Info

By the latest information provided by Tempus Public Foundation (TPF/TKA) the Spring mobility programs of the academic year of 2020/2021 can be organized and executed as follows:
Please read the following information carefully to be able to make a responsible decision about the expectable health, financial and educational consequences alike in the current healthcare situation (COVID-19).

1.    Please check the regulations of the destination country, and the up-to-date version of the national provisions set for the pandemic situation. Also, read the directive of both the home and host country/institution. It is your responsibility to have all the necessary information before/during and after your mobility. Supported students and staff have to get information about the host country’s epidemic situation when organizing the travel and immediately before traveling. In case the authorities in Hungary or the host country do not recommend or authorize the travel, the whole travel has to be postponed/canceled.

2.    Gaining information from the following websites continuously is of paramount importance:

3.    In case you need to stay in quarantine after you arrive in the host country, the period of your quarantine is included in your grant. If you need to have two negative COVID-19 tests, you have to use your own Erasmus grant for that.

4.    After you finish your Erasmus mobility and you are back to Hungary, you need to comply with the current rules. Please make sure you follow the latest updates and requirements.

5.    You cannot require a grant for the quarantine period after your mobility upon your arrival to Hungary.

6.    Please check the force majeure guide (can be found on the English website here).

7.    If your student/traineeship mobility can be finished on-line (and there is a good chance to achieve the learning outcomes of your learning agreements), you are entitled to the grant only if you stay in the host country.

8.    The upcoming mobility is very likely to be a so-called “blended mobility” (a mix of online and on-campus learning) therefore it is reasonable to prepare for that.

9.    Do not make any unnecessary financial commitments (such as flight ticket and accommodation etc.) yet.

10.    Your submitted and approved application is going to be in ’conditionally accepted” status until you have a Grant agreement signed by Budapest Metropolitan University.

11.    You can submit a force majeure request at a later stage, if circumstances are justified.

It is extremely important that in the current situation (COVID-19) the rules and regulations above may change, so make sure you follow the latest news and updates.