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Dr. Rita Lukács

Dr. Rita Lukács Assistant Professor, Head of the English-language Commerce and Marketing BSc programme

Recently we had an interview with her where she shared some of her great moments at METU 

1.Courses taught by you? 

Corporate Social Responsibility, Digital Marketing Solutions, ICT and Creative Media, Marketing Theory and Marketing Management in the Digital Age

2.How did your journey begin at METU? 

I was Communications Manager at METU responsible for Public Relations and content marketing strategy between 2015 and 2019. After lots of interesting projects, I switched to full-time professor at Institute of Tourism and Marketing. I believe that as a professor I can constantly learn new things (this is a big advantage for me) and also, I can share my knowledge with others (this is another big advantage). Seems to be a win-win situation. :-)

3.As a professor / leader according to you what is the most dynamic thing about METU?

Compared to other, bigger universities I really appreciate that due to a smaller size and open-minded management there is always room to new ideas and initiatives. For example, the curriculum tries to follow the trends in a really flexible way - so that our students are well prepared for challenges of the labour market.

4.Being a Teacher which course is your most favourite one and why so?

Corporate Social Responsibility is a very interesting topic, I started my journey with it more than 15 years ago. I wrote both my thesis and my PhD dissertation about communication of CSR. I really like introducing main concepts of this field to others. But I also love my courses connected to Digital Marketing - as this is a dynamically evolving field of marketing, I learn so many things together with my student’s year by year.

5.How it feels being a part of such an International community and how it evolves you as a professor / leader? 

I enjoy being member of such an international community because I always learn lot of interesting things from and about my students. I am really grateful for the chance to get to know new cultures.

6.How would you describe your overall experience at METU so far? 

Every year, every semester brings new adventures and new challenges which I really enjoy. I think this is a really good place to discover and develop yourself - both as a student and as a professor.

7.If you have to define METU and the community at METU in one sentence how will you define it? 

Colourful, open-minded, sometimes crazy - like a real family!