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Aruzhan - Communication and Media BA

Introducing Aruzhan from Kazakhstanour Communication and Media BA student 

I’m Aruzhan Jakanova. This is my last semester at METU and the program I’m attending is Communication and Media Science BA. 

How did your journey at METU start?

My first student path started a year earlier in my home country, Kazakhstan. I’ve always had a passion for creative writing and fashion styling. Mingling them two, I quickly realized that I need to take a contemporary journalism course. 

My decision regarding studying in Budapest was one of the most spontaneous moves I’ve ever made. Regardless, I’ve been keeping the idea of pursuing a career in a foreign country for dozens of years. 

What was life in Budapest like?

Budapest gave me a lot regarding everything: it became the first place in the world where I could express myself. Speaking of my home country, I couldn’t feel as relaxed as in Europe due to my absence of cultural and ethical belongings. I could unleash my creative potential with everyday fashion looks and various media projects. 

What did you learn during your journey at METU?

METU is extremely diverse, there are so many talented people from every part of the world. Such international experience makes you learn a lot of life lessons. Each mentality has its strengths and weaknesses, and you delve into them even more, with every conversation you have. 

My Communication and Media team is one of the strongest, and I’m genuinely proud of it. I worked independently as well as in teams - there were the presentations, the essays, the music videos and even the interviews with Hungarian celebrities. I did make friends with some professors, and they helped me to deliver an outstanding degree thesis idea - writing about the impact of internet memes, and not only in terms of politics. 

To whom would you recommend Communication and Media course?I do recommend the Communication and Media course for those students who are familiar with their aspirations and would like to continue their careers in the Journalism or Advertising field. 

Do you have anything to add?

In the end, I'd say you're the host of your life. Not the university. It’s not responsible for your lack of practical skills or theoretical knowledge. You should be the one to choose the direction and enlist the things you’d like to obtain from the bachelor’s.