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Yashwanth- Exchange overseas student

Introducing Yashwanth who was studying at METU as an exhange student

Hello, I’m Yashwanth Gollapalli from India. Now let me indicate to you the charm of METU. 

How was your overall experience at METU and Budapest?

Having been completed my Erasmus+ Student Mobility Programme for the spring semester at the University, I’m truly glad and I can’t really put my experience into words. For the past 5 months, METU has been my home away from home. The campus, faculty, and people were more than amazing. I would love to repeat the fact that METU is one of those sole destinations for those who seek a cosmopolitan culture going hand in hand with academics. Also, let me disclose something untold. University had been my first love at Budapest. All because I found some amazing people to standby for a life. I am self-satisfied and emphasise that I’ve been through a lot more than academics at Budapest. A city rich in heritage, its people good at hospitality and the culture flooding you with merriments is all you experience at Budapest. The teaching faculty at METU has a subtle art of mingling as a friend with students for which I have a great respect to, unlike the University I come from where it’s not very pragmatic to be such.  

As an Individual how did an exchange semester with Erasmus+ Student Mobility helped you? 

This Erasmus Student Mobility Programme had an everlasting effect on me, where I mentally multiplied in every possible aspect. The programme motivated me, even more, to improve my skills in facing the world. Further, all my life, I might travel around the world but my memory always floats in and around Budapest as a first memory. I’ve learned a lot about life excluding academics. People from various walks of life, their diverse culture, tradition, language, cuisine, and apparel etc. made me dip into a multicultural pool. This happens to be seldom situation for a student in this contemporary world.  

What did you take-away along with you after this program as per studies and personally? 

Professionally: I have increased my professional skills in creative writing which is need of the hour. Adding to it was learning some basic film production and broadcasting techniques which is a core aspect in the field I pursue. The varied subject choice I was provided at METU made me look into the possibilities of different fields of my work as well as the practical application to it. On top of everything, professors and subject of Global Cultural Anthropology enlightened me with something that is to shape minds. Notably, a remarkable change of perception is what the Mobility Programme provided me with. 

Striking an example, I would say that I always had a great passion and love for writing. But after exploring more of a practical learning at METU, it illuminated me more into movie-making, production, and broadcast etc., regardless of a drastic change. Because writing is to be read but production is something where I can broadcast my ideas into mobile picture creating impressions. Facing fears, knowing my capability and adapting to the new atmosphere are few of those many changes that I’ve undergone at the programme.