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Wang Qingxiuyi - Graphic Design MA

Introducing Wang Qingxiuyi from China who will soon graduate from Budapest Metropolitan University this Summer 2020

 Im Wang Qingxiuyi from China 

1. Which program did you study? 

Graphic design MA

2. How would you describe your journey at METU? 

It were wonderful 3 years, I've learnt a lot from the uni.

3. What were the aspects which you liked the most studying here and being a part of the community? 

I wasn't really tried to be in the community...But it could be nice also.

4. What was the best thing you liked about your study program? 

I would say the teachers, they were super kind and helped me a lot.

5. How would you describe your METU experience in one sentence? 

If I ever got a chance to choose again, I would still come to METU.

6. What are you doing/plans after graduating from METU? 

I'm planning to stay in Budapest work for 2 or three years, hopefully could be an illustrator.