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Useful links

This site makes compiling bibliographies easier. If you want to cite something online, it will automatically load the metadata, but it also offers you a form to fill out the data yourself. With a single click, your bibliography is ready.

Online mind mapping application used to visualise concepts and ideas. No installation is required, and you can save your results.

Convert any file to any file (almost). Have you written something on your Mac, but now you need it to work on Windows? This is the place to go:

A second option for converting files. It doesn’t support Mac formats.

This website allows you to freely participate in courses offered by major universities worldwide in several languages. Course subjects vary, and you can set your own schedule. It offers certificates for successful completion.

Allows you to store and share files, with file sizes up to your maximum storage capacity (2 GB for free).

This site allows you to study and work together. It has a screen sharing feature.

You can use this website to organise conference calls and co-operate with your study group. You can also share project work, drawings, and text.

Project Gutenberg
The world’s oldest digital library. It currently contains over 60 000 documents, and growing.

If you had enough of PowerPoint presentations, try Prezi. It is easy to use, free, and visually appealing.

Quizlet offer English practice help. You can also download the app, and take it with you on your phone.

Vizualize me
You can use this to visualise your LinkedIn profile. If you don’t have a profile, you can also add your data directly on the site and make a stunning resume.

This site allows you to make word clouds. It is a highly versatile online application that allows you to fully customise both input (text source, weight, stop words) and output (shapes, colours, type).

Zotero does as much or as little as you need. It can be a simple citation management tool, or your partner in research. Requires installation either as Firefox plug-in or as standalone application.