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Transfer students

To transfer credits from another university, you will be asked to submit a Credit Transfer Request. To initiate it, you should collect and send the following documents either via the online application system, file sharing services or e-mail (

- Transcript of Records (if its language is other than English, its official translation is also required)

- Syllabi of the subjects you wish to transfer (please send each syllabus as a separate pdf file and name them according to the name of the course they are about. Please make sure that they are signed and stamped by the University that issued them). (if their language is other than English, their official translation is also required)

- Properly filled out Credit Transfer Request form

Semesters are recognized after every 30 successfully transferred credits. For example, if you transfer 39 credits successfully, you can automatically join the program of your choice from its second semester (subject to availability). In the case of 72 credits, you can start with the subjects of the third semester right away and you can finish your studies a year earlier. If it is only 50 credits, for instance, only one semester is recognized.

You may still finish your studies a year earlier, but you will have to pay for 6 semesters of tuition in the case of our business programs that are 7-semester-long according to their curricula (since officially only one semester is recognized in this example). According to the Student Requirement System of the University, at least 50% of the credits of an academic program must be collected at Budapest Metropolitan University in order to get our degree.

Credit Transfer Requests are processed by the Credit Transfer Committee of the University. The length of the procedure depends on the availability of the members, but should never take more than 2 weeks.

Please note that the procedural fee of Credit Transfer Requests is ca. EUR 15 / subject (HUF 4000). The fee shall be paid by bank transfer or via TransferWise after the official decision of the Credit Transfer has been communicated and not later than the first day of the teaching period.
The Credit Transfer Request form is available HERE.