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Riya - India

A short story from our MA Graphic Design Graduate from India

My name is Riya Rathod, I'm from Bombay, India.

I have a BA in Multimedia and I wanted to pursue a Masters in Design, so Europe was the obvious choice. I'd been to Budapest before on a family vacation and since then I'd known I wanted to live in this city. Luckily I found METU and the course I wanted to study.

Moving to Budapest and beginning my studies at METU was a surreal experience. The city and the university were very welcoming and made the whole experience very smooth.

Even the fellow students, we were such a big mix of international students, students from all over the world studying together, it was great exposure. Learning about different people and cultures. It broadens your horizons in many ways, giving you a bigger perspective of the world. This was especially possible because of all the events hosted by METU, all under the organization of Luca Utassy.

In my class of MA Graphic Design 2019, we were a mix of many cultures and countries. It helped us think differently and there was a mix of opinions from everyone that helped us do better in our work. We all learn together and from each other.

During my studies, I learned a lot of different things, one of my favorite courses were the Branding Courses, we were given an idea and the assignment was to build a concept around it, design a visual identity for the concept, build a brand and all the other collaterals for the brand. These courses were among the best ones because it gave us so much creative freedom and because of the diversity in the class, even around the same concept, we all had such different ideas and designs. Even our teachers were amazing and super supportive. They really guided us through the entire course. We had some of the best teachers, since they were industry professionals, they had a very experience based teaching method. Helped us learn the very current trends and helped stay relevant in our work. 

I'd especially like to Thank, Andrea Brittnek and Csordas Zoltan. They were the best teachers we had, they really dedicated their time to us and helped us through the entire 2 years. We could approach them for anything, under their so many years of guidance, we learned a lot from them.

The 2 years have been a great learning experience, in more ways than one, not just academically but on a personal level also, I learned how to find my way around in another country and live by myself, it was an eye opening experience. 

Currently, I am working at a design and innovation firm called Future Factory, in Bombay, India. I'm part of the Design and Marketing team, a lot that I've learned in the last 2 years, is helping me do well at my job. Working on the rebranding of the firm itself and several other marketing projects and events.

I'd like to thank METU for the opportunity to learn and experience everything about the European culture.