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Environmental Design BA Bachelor's

This is for you

you have a strong and sensible view of your environment and have good analysing and communication skills.

"The major at METU is amazing and I would love to share the knowledge in my community after I finish"
- Heba Hassan from Egypt

Short description

The specialty of practical subjects is the design of internal space, furniture and architecture, which are accomplished by courses of partner areas in order to provide extensive knowledge. We aim to teach professionals who design and decorate the interior and the exterior of our built environment whether independently or as a creative associate. Emphasis is put on personal contact and consultancy. 

What can you study with us?

  • Exploration of the links between mankind and environment 
  • International trends in built environment 
  • Conscious design, sustainable approach and ecological attitude 
  • Complex design skills through practical and conceptual methods 
  • Involvement in the recent technologies and materials 
  • Building prototypes in our in-house workshop led by experts 
  • Professional practices in interior design, architecture and acquiring skills at live projects 
  • First year (BA 1): Introduction in art, architecture, design and environment and the combination on those by being involved in complex university projects of creating forms, spaces, materials and structures with a clear co-relation between education and profession. 

  • Second year (BA 2): Applying the skills of abstraction and a deep understanding of links between built and unbuilt environments to complex projects in different scales. From objects, through interiors to architecture and urban context, unrestricted either by means or dimensions. 
  • Third year (BA 3): Developing complex conceptual projects with a complete documentation consisting of theoretical research, case studies, technical drawings and structural detailing. 

 Environmental Design: Interior design, Object design and Architectural Concept Development. 

 (Note: Specializations are launched only if the sufficient number of students wish to join the specialization.) 

  • Interior Designer / Object Designer Associate 
  • Independent Artist 
  • Project Manager for Professionals 
  • Architectural Creative for Professionals 

Conceptual development, Abstract understanding, Creative Design, Form and Material Studies, Drawing and Painting, History of Art / Design / Interiors, Environmental Design, Furniture Structure Studies, Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and 3D Modeling, Workshop Prototypes.  

Further information on detailed curriculum click HERE

“Although the education focuses on interior design, thanks to comprehensive design approach, we have the opportunity to study other art branches in the field, like industrial design or landscape architecture. As a result of practical training and a creative cooperation between faculties, we also have the opportunity to get to know a wide range of materials, techniques as well as establish new relationships, thus we can acquire a wider spectrum of knowledge.”
Our graduate ANNA FEHÉR

“I had the feeling, based on the name of the specialization that environmental design monitors architectural, interior design and design processes in general comprehensively, from far and also from very close, and this was what persuaded me to study here.”

"The major at METU is amazing and I would love to share the knowledge in my community after I finish"
HEBA HASSAN from Egypt

  • 2020: 4x4 Workshop Participation in China - Organized by CAFA 
  • 2016-2020: HELLO WOOD Architectural Summer Camps Participation (5 projects realized all over Hungary) 
  • 2017: OMDK – Emese Pancsa 1st prize / Diana Alchabbi 2nd prize 
  • 2015: OMDK – Petra Jankovics 1st prize 
  • 2015: Design Week BUDA-PEST – ME(e)TdesignTESTközel 
  • 2015: Fresh Design – International Exhibition and Workshop Participation 
  • 2015: Concread Project Concrete Workshop Participation 
  • 2014: Szövegség ’39 – BET’ON Workshop Participation 
  • 2014: MEDIAWAVE Occupy Project Participation 
  • RÉKA BAGOTA, ILDIKÓ PONGRÁCZ: Project Manager, Europa Design;
  • JÓZSEF POGÁTSA: freelance environmental designer;