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Cinematography MA Master's

This is for you

if you are able to analyse the surrounding world visually, redefine it through visual images, accomplish your own, creative ways and cooperate with other motion picture professionals in a creative way due to your own, individual aspects, visual imagination, sense of composition as well as having mastered the characteristics of visual imagery, visual culture and attendant art, the theoretical and practical methodology. 

Short description

Our aim is to train such motion picture professionals who can understand the world around them from a visual perspective thanks to their visual imagination, sense of composition and individual approach. They can express themselves and paraphrase the world in the language of images by mastering visual representation styles, the visual culture, the connected arts and the theoretical and practical methods of film making; at the same time they create their own artistic path and also they can create the visual images dreamt by the director while cooperating with the other professionals in a creative way. 

The education is based mainly on practical lessons, and the location is the Origo Film Studio, which meets all the latest technical requirements. 

What can you study with us?

  • you can learn lighting technics, the use of shot sizes, eye lines, shot angles, and shotlists 

  • you gain experience in camera movements, one-takers and special takes 

  • you will learn the use of technical tools needed for cinematographer’s work 

  • you will learn about lenses, the most important types of cameras and the devices used for lighting and for camera movements (grip)  

First year: 

  • Mastering cinematography, putting the main emphasis on lighting 

  • Editing 

  • Basics of sound design  

  • Cameraman practice in studio 

Second year: 

  • Film history and image analysis 

  • Dramaturgy 

  • Practice of directing 

  • Mastering Visual effects 

  • Make-up in films 

  • Post-production and VFX (visual effects) knowledge 

- as a leading cameraman in film and commercial productions, in Hungarian and international productions 
- a cameraman of videoclips, documentary films, TV series and feature films 

Film history, and image analysis, Dramaturgy, Cinematography and Directing, Music, Editing, Sets and Visual effects, VFX, Post-production 

“The cinematographer’s work has a great number of components. Being able to make a long-term career is a question of encounters, luck and last but not least talent, eligibility and persistence. It is important that you always find some challenge in the upcoming assignment let it be lighting, a new form of storytelling or a method of moving the cameras in a groundbreaking new way.” 

Gábor Szilágyi:  METU’s Cinematographer MA graduate shot his first feature film in 2020.