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Prof. Dr. Melanie Kay Smith

Dr Melanie Kay Smith Associate Professor in Tourism Management. 

Recently we had an interview with her where she shared some of her great moments at METU

1.Courses taught by you? 

Attractions Management and Experience Design; Creative Cities; Creative Industries Management; Cultural, Creative and Heritage Tourism; Creative Experience Design; Introduction to Health Tourism; Health Tourism, Wellness and Spas; Sustainable Planning and Development; The Products of Health Tourism

2.How did your journey began at METU? 

It began six years ago, but I was a project researcher for two years before I became a Lecturer.

3.As a professor / leader according to you what is the most dynamic thing about METU? 

I like the fact that we focus on creativity and internationalisation. We listen to the students and try to make positive changes according to their needs. We are always exploring new opportunities and experiences.

4.Being a Teacher which course is your most favourtie one and why so? 

Although I love my Creativity-related courses with Masters Students, I would have to say my second year BSc course Introduction to Health Tourism. The students are often surprised about how interesting it is and how closely it relates to their everyday lives, happiness and wellbeing. I feel like I can help them to live their lives better through this course!

5.How it feels being a part of such an International community and how it evolves you as a professor / leader? 

My career has always been very international because I am English and I have taught in several countries and undertaken international research projects and consultancy for years. I also publish widely and collaborate with authors from all over the world. But I like the fact that METU brings the world to me too - it is fantastic to teach students from such diverse countries as India, Pakistan, China, Russia, Turkey, Georgia. I learn a lot from the students because of their cross-cultural input and diverse worldviews.

6.How would you describe your overall experience at METU so far? 

Diverse, dynamic, creative, challenging at times.

7.If you have to define METU and the community at METU in one sentence how will you define it? 

A friendly and open environment where you can unleash your creative potential!

8.Further comments

I have worked in several other academic institutions in Hungary during my 15 years here, but I have always found METU to be the most dynamic and responsive!