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Nurgulia - Business Development Msc

Introducing Nurgulia from Kyrgyzstan

Hi there, my name is Nuri and here I am to share my story…So I arrived to Budapest in the year 2017 from Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. I studied Business Development for 4 semesters and got my master’s degree in 2019, June. 

How was your brief experience in Budapest for the last two years? 

So far, these 2 years of studying in Budapest gave me a lot of challenging experience. Starting from living alone abroad, meeting new people and ending with coping with new responsibilities by my own. 

So as you were studying Business Development did you participate in any development projects? If Yes, how did it help you? 

Yes, the most memorable and challenging project I took part in was in METU, proposed by one of our professors, Zsolt Király. The main point of a project was to create a business canvas of your own future business in details. Sounds not that bad right? However, it was more complicated than I expected. We did a lot of work, detailed and thorough research and analysis. Since our major was dedicated to developing / creating / growing a certain business, this project helped me to realize how fascinating and deep my major is. Hence, my final research for thesis I choose how to evaluate my company where I’m working now. Both projects, creating a business from zero and working on deep research of existing company, gave me a lot to think about. 

What do you work as in Budapest after your graduation?

They say, there is no knowledge without practice, so I applied to relevant field of work in Budapest. Currently I am working with Customers as a first hand to contact in a company, which gives me different insight on how company works from external perspective. 

How was your experience at METU? 

In general, talking about my personal experience in METU, I ‘m glad I’d participated in many interesting projects besides I mentioned earlier. Taking part in those, helped me build my own expectations and personal preferences for my future profession.