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Nafis - Tourism and Catering Bsc

An Inspirational Story from our Tourism and Catering Graduate Nafis

My name is Mohd Nafis Md Salim, and I was born in the heart of Malaysia. Kuala Lumpur. Since my childhood, I was blessed and given a privilege that I couldn't imagine I will receive that I was able to travel at a young age to see other countries. I was raised in the European countries since at the age of 2 years old. It is always a pleasure to be able to live in a different country and learn its culture and mostly the language. 

History wise, everyone still has the moments where their will learn it from time to time in their daily routine living abroad. 

My current home, will be Budapest, as you would guess. I started my studies here from the year 2015, in the Budapest Metropolitan University (METU). METU in Budapest is a one-of-a-kind wonderful choice to be studying abroad. I am grateful that I had a chance to study in METU. 

The process to apply to this university was quick when I did the Skype™ (online) interview by the International Officer. The program that I took was my second major - Bachelor in Tourism and Catering. As my first degree, I was studying in Mobile Programming. I learned a lot from IT-based. Now, I need to gain my experiences with the business management, financial, economics and accounting.

Full of talented lecturers and students. I graduated from METU in the year of 2019, January. As I grew up to learn problem solving skills, I like mathematics and installing components. Practicality, is a must. Giving my credits to my parents and supervisor that helped with finishing my thesis, it was priceless. It beats the odds. 

After graduation, I worked for the Embassy of Malaysia, and the United Nations High Commissioner for the Refugee (UNHCR) in Budapest. I was able to challenge myself to overcome another problem and my experiences from METU helped me to be prepared for these organisations I had been working in. I wish every student from METU can be as successful as me. 

“By maintaining our mentality and physicality, we are stronger than we thought. Practice makes perfect.”