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Mariam - Communication and Media BA

Introducing Mariam Komladze our Communication and Media Ba student

I am Mariam Komladze, 20 years old from Georgia.

How did your journey begin at METU? 

I came to Budapest in September 2017. I was 18 when I got there and my first experience of living independent life started. 

Whereas about my study program firstly, I choose International relations major, but after one semester I decided to change it, because suddenly I felt that I was not able to find myself while studying international relations. I changed international relations major to Communication and media science and I can say that I found my true passion.

Which subject you like the most during your study period? 

I liked many different classes at Metropolitan, but I liked classes of Creative Communication, Media Project and Podcast. Those seminars made me think different about everything and improve my social skills.

What was the best thing for you studying at METU?

The best thing for me is that I am a part of the International family of METU. I really like the diversity at our university. I met many beautiful people while studying at METU and I will be always proud of that kind of experience in my life. I made many friends who joined me in an interesting journey.

What is is your plan ahead after graduating from METU? 

Nowadays, I am writing my thesis. It is about Marketing and branding in various levels of destinations. So after graduating from METU my further plan is to pursue in the field of Marketing and do a Master degree in it.

How will you summarise your experience at METU? 

I am really happy that I got a chance to study abroad bychoosing Budapest Metropolitan University as an institution and got a life-changing experience with people I love.