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Life Coach Consultancy

Do you have worries?

Come and talk to a professional consultant if you have questions and need help with finding answers:

·You can’t find the right direction in your life?

·Are you uncertain about your choice of career?

·Do you have family- or relationship problems?

·Do you find it hard to deal with the current of events in your life?

·Do you suffer from stress or anxiety?


Anonymity and confidentiality

Of your own accord, volition

Free of charge

Project in this semester: Training group for international students


  1. Culture shock
  2. Far away from my place of birth
  3. Strange culture, strange language, strange habits
  4. Problems and problem solving, difficulties and possibilities

·Duration: 3 hours

Consultations at the Life Coach Centre usually consist of 5-15 occasions. In case of longer treatment needed we can help you find the right professional person.

Preliminary check-in is advisable through the following e-mail address:

Contact person: Dr. Szabó Gábor- Adult Clinical and Mental Health Psychologist

Opening hours: Wednesdays 16.00-18.00 at room F211.