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Juan Carlos - Graphic Design MA

Success story of Juan Carlos our MA Graphic Design Student.

Hello, my name is Juan Carlos Malave Campos. I am a Venezuelan graduate student from Budapest Metropolitan University. I did Graphic Design MA degree between 2017-2019.

How would you describe your journey at METU?I would describe my journey at METU as a revealing, supportive, totally worth it and most importantly constructive experience. I will be always thankful to the International Office and the whole Graphic Design faculty. Every day was an amazing journey that helped me to discover endless creativity and the power of being a true professional.

If you had a chance what would you say to your classmates?To all my classmates, I would like to say that it was a pleasure to work side by side with you these 2 years and to share this journey of becoming better professionals in our field. Especially, I want to thank Riya Rathod who is more than a classmate to me. She became a very close and good friend. Sometimes, when I think that our student time is over I get a nostalgic feeling, however, I will always be grateful for this experience. 

How would you describe METU?I would define METU not only as an excellent university, but also as a place where you can develop every aspect of your life. It happened to me as an international student, I have gained huge amount of knowledge related and not related to my Master’s course as well. 

What was the highlight of your journey at METU?To me, people at METU will always be one of the best parts of my whole university experience. I will also always remember all those professors who has been supporting me and teaching me very important lessons. I would like to express sincere gratitude to Andre Brittnek, Aliz Borsa, Zoltán Csordás, Andrej Toth, Gyula Július, András Gosztom and all the professors that has been guiding me through these 3 years. 

What field of activities you are involved in after graduating from METU?            In May 2020, it is going to be one year since I have been working as a graphic designer for EMG Group Zrt. It is a Hungarian company group that works on projects for the European Union in different spheres as trainings and preparation of dissemination and communication material. I also would like to mention that visual part of the project Untold Stories of Budapest was created by me. As a METU student I am proud to show all the knowledge and professional skills that I have gained during my studies. I will always keep moving forward and work for a better world. I am really proud to be METU alumni.     

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