Budapest Metropolitan University (METU) is a unique institution as being the most national private one with creative industry studies) with 4 basic faculties:
1. Communication: communication and media studies, development of competencies, protocol and event organisation, speaker studies, mediation, etc.
2. Business: HR, Management and Economics, Commerce and Marketing, Financial studies, Development of Entrepreneurship, etc.  
3. Tourism: Tourism - Hospitality, Tourism – Management, Wine Tourism, Health Tourism, Gastronomy, Organisation and MICE Tourism, International Event and Hospitality Management, etc.
4. Art: Animation, Design Culture, Photography, Craftsmanship, Graphic Design, Filmmaking, etc.

Regarding the huge number of projects (before or under implementation) METU set up an office for its administration. The colleagues of the Centre for European Projects are about to be part of unique, creative and innovative ideas and experiments. In METU vast number of future-oriented, creative, innovative, competency-driven projects were or are being implemented coordinated by EPK in which the METU as a lead or project partner, as well.
Up to now 80 granted projects have been carried out, and currently, several project concepts are being developed, and new proposals are to be submitted with our best partners in each relevant field.
We usually take part in international or national conferences, partner search forums, workshops, seminars, etc. to elaborate the best project concepts and find the most appropriate partners for the implementation. In addition, we are about to keep our knowledge up-to-date and develop or acquire new skills, learn new methods and technics.

Our main priorities:  
1) Tourism and wellbeing  
2)  Promoting STEM involving the creative industry (including Arts) as STEM -> STEAM  
3) Developing and strengthening of start-ups, launching spin-offs
4) Heritage protection: preserving and promoting national and common European tangible and intangible natural and cultural heritage
5) Developing non-formal learning and education:  
- developing training materials, modules and curriculums;
- developing competencies, carrier planning;
- launching joint platforms, online fora;
- gamification, edutainment and applying their means to increase the motivation of the Youth and (university) students
6) Future research and the Grand Societal Challenges

Contact us:
Zsolt Szilágyi project manager
Phone: +36-20-772-6069
Email: zsszilagyi@metropolitan.hu
Skype: zsszilagyi (Gödöllő, HU)