Magistrate: It is of key importance for us to ask opinion and guidance from external experts, that is why the Magistrate was set up.

Senate: The Senate is a controlling institution with a certain task, which shapes the activities of METU.

Ethical Committee: With the acceptance of the Ethical Code, our university aims to maintain its ethical, moral and professional integrity. The Ethical Committee is responsible for these activities.  



  • Gabriella Balogh - brand specialist
  • Dr. György Fábri – vice rector for communication, ELTE
  • Pál Győrfi – head of the communication and PR, National Ambulance Service
  • János Horvát - journalist, ambassador
  • Zsófia Lakatos - CEO, Hill&Knowlton
  • Dr. Örs Megyer - President, Self-governing Advertising Body
  • Mezriczky László – Vice President, Advertising Association
  • Márton Módos – CEO, InfoRádió
  • Dr. János Serényi – creative expert, ÉrtékTrend Consulting
  • József Sipos – Communication Director, Unicredit
  • Dr. Tamás Szent-Imrey – communication advisor, Humán Faktor
  • Adrienne Terdik - CEO, Presston PR Kft.
  • András Tombor – founder member, Matthias Corvinus Collegium
  • Miklós Vaszily - CEO, OrigoZrt.


  • Klára Béres – communication director, Béres Gyógyszergyár Zrt.
  • Péter Csákvári - director, Proactive Management Consulting
  • Róbert Cselovszki - CEO, Erste Investment Zrt.
  • Ibolya Gothárdi – vice human resources CEO, Vodafone
  • Zsolt Károlyi –financial director, Siemens Zrt.
  • Patrik Kovács - president, FIVOSZ
  • Ferenc Pongrácz - CEO, IBM Informatikai szolgáltatás
  • Starcz Ákos - CEO, Shopline
  • György Szabó- CEO, Sanoma Media Budapest Zrt.
  • Katalin Várkonyiné Gillemot – communication director, Auchan
  • Krisztina Wolfné Janata – professional advisor,


  • Károly Balogh - president, TDM association
  • Szilvia Czinege- marketing director, Budapesti Gyógyfürdők és Hévizek Rt.
  • Tamás Flesch - CEO, ContinentalTravel and Hotel Parlament
  • Gábor Ganczer - president, MARESZ
  • Ágnes Herczeg – wine expert, WineTreasury Kft.
  • Gabriella Molnár - president, MUISZ
  • Vilmos Selmeci – CEO, owner, Waldorf Catering
  • Dr. András Simon - CEO, WECO Travel
  • Áron Szabó- hotel director, RamadaResortAquaworld
  • József Szabó- sales director, Hunguest Hotels Zrt.
  • Krisztián Szabó - salesexecutive, AMADEUS
  • Zsolt Szebeni - CEO, Turizmus Kft.
  • Nóra Termes - marketing director, IBUSZ
  • Andrea Trencsén - marketing and innovation expert, Budapest Airport Zrt.
  • Miklós Vancsura - CEO, Magyar Fürdőszövetség
  • Sameer Hamdan - owner, MellowMood Hotels
  • Zuhair Awad - owner, MellowMood Hotels
  • Judit Blandl - owner, MellowMood Hotels


  • Iván András Bojár – art historian, art journalist, chief editor - OctogonArchitecture& Design
  • Dr. Miklós Bendzsel - president, Hungarian Intellectual Property Office
  • CanTogay - director, actor, cultural diplomat, director, Collegium Hungaricum (Berlin)
  • Ottó Feuertag - owner, EUROPA Design Hungary Zrt.
  • László Gőz – musical artist, producer, owner, Budapest Music Center
  • Márk Jászberényi - Oscar-winner and Kossuth award-winner programming mathematician, CEO, Colorfront
  • Péter Korniss - Kossuth award-winner photographer
  • József Martinkó - editor, critic
  • Ferenc Rófusz - Oscar-winner, Kossuth award-winner animation film editor
  • Dr. Imre Takács Dsc - president, Museum of Applied Arts
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The Senate is a decision-making and supervisory body with the tasks and powers specified in the Deed of Foundation and the Organisational and Operational Order, which determines the activities of the University, in particular its training and research tasks, and their implementation.

The Senate has 15 members. The Head of the Senate is the Rector, and the Senate’s Secretary is the Secretary General.

Ex-officio members of the Senate: 

  • the Rector, 
  • the Vice Rector for Innovation, 
  • the Vice Rector for International Academic Relations, 
  • the Deans, 
  • and the President of the Students’ Union (6 people).

Elected members of the Senate:

  • representatives of the lecturers and researchers of the University (6 people),
  • a representative of the staff of the University employed in other positions (1 person),
  • students delegated by the Students’ Union (2 people)

Ex-officio members:

  • Dr. Bálint Bachmann DLA, Rector
  • Dr. Ferenc Kiss, Vice Rector for Innovation
  • István Vilmos Kovács, Vice Rector for International Academic Relations
  • Dr. Árpád Papp-Váry, Dean
  • Dr. Péter Csizmadi, Dean
  • the President of the Students’ Union

Elected members:

  • Dr. Hajnal Baráth, representative of the academic teaching and research staff
  • Krisztina Bódis, representative of the academic teaching and research staff
  • Dr. Györgyi Rétfalvi, representative of the academic teaching and research staff
  • Dr. Richárd Izmindi, representative of the academic teaching and research staff
  • Dr. Mátyás Hinek, representative of the academic teaching and research staff
  • Mihály Nagy, representative of the academic teaching and research staff
  • István Urbán, representative of the staff of the University employed in other positions
  • 2 student members delegated by the Students’ Union
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Ethical Committee

By adopting the Ethical Code, the Budapest Metropolitan University strives to help maintain the moral, professional and institutional integrity of the University by enforcing ethical norms. The University conducts this activity through the Ethics Committee.

  • Szilvia Major - non-teaching staff - permanent member
  • Eszter Kamondi– student – permanent member
  • Sándor Rácmolnár– lecturer – permanent member
  • Dr. Nóra Schleicher– lecturer – permanent member
  • Dr. Katalin Fenyves– lecturer – alternate member
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