GEOMATECH - Development of modern digital curriculum and training of trainers in the field of mathematics and science adjusted to the National Core Curriculum and supported by the GeoGebra programme

Program: Hungarian National Structural Fund Development Programme

Project duration: 02-10-2013 – 30-09-2015

Project partners:

Lead partner: BKF University of Applied Sciences (former METU)

Project partners:

1. BKF Communication Foundation

2. GeoGebra Hungary Nonprofit LLC.

3. Cambridge Centre for Innovation in Technological Education (CCITE)

Short summary: BKF University of Applied Sciences was a consortium partner in the project under the title of GEOMATECH. Together with BKF Communication Foundation as Lead Partner and GeoGebra Hungary Nonprofit LLC., the GEOMATECH Consortium implemented the project with the aim of

- creating new, innovative open educational resources,

- promoting the use of open source info-communication technologies at primary and secondary schools and

- improving teachers’ skills and teaching methods relating to the use of ICT in the classroom as well as problem-based teaching of mathematics and inquiry-based teaching of science.

The above-mentioned core activities were implemented during the project in order to change students’ (aged 6-18) attitude towards and motivation for learning mathematics and science by providing them experience-centered classes and to encourage them to choose an MST-related/STEM-related carrier.
The core activities were supported by international research together with inter alia the University of Cambridge and the International GeoGebra Institute in Linz in order to disseminate the results of the project and share the best practices with the wider public.

The project was implemented from October 2013 to September 2015 through the support of a European Social Fund grant of appr. EUR 7.6 M.
With the indicators of 1,800 new digital teaching units and 2,400 qualified teachers, who took part in the courses elaborated within the framework of the project, GEOMATECH aimed to make a visible change in the teaching and learning of mathematics and science in Hungary. Since outputs, experience, methods and best practices of GEOMATECH were developed and disseminated through international cooperation, we also aimed to achieve international impact and the high visibility of the project as well.

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