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Financial Literacy Research Team

In order to promote and strengthen the well-being, financial security and competitiveness of our country and of those living here, it is essential to mitigate the risks to the national economy that arise from citizens' financial decisions not being sufficiently substantiated or possibly based on misinterpretation. Comprehensive financial knowledge would be needed to understand the increasingly complex financial products and services, to quantify the risks, but also to formulate one’s own needs in general. As the development of financial literacy is in the common interest of all economic actors, several organizations have launched dedicated programs. The effectiveness thereof and the situation of the development of financial literacy have been assessed by the researchers and scientific and professional partners of Metropolitan University for 10 years now. 

Researches focus on fundamental issues, such as: 

  • the financial literacy of young people in higher education; evaluation of initiatives aimed at the national development of financial culture; 
  • personality, behavioural, and attitudinal traits behind financial success and vulnerability; 
  • the impact of changes in the social and economic environment on financial literacy; and most recently 
  • research assessing the financial culture of teachers/educators.

Leader of the research team:

Prof. dr. Erzsébet Németh 

social psychologist, university professor

University professor at the Budapest Metropolitan University. Leader of the researches related to financial literacy. Senior editor of Public Finance Quarterly. Research areas: development of communication skills, communication training, socio-psychological dilemmas in the use of external incentives, psychological and communication determinants of personal effectiveness and success, financial literacy, and financial vulnerability. Published more than 200 scientific papers, with about 1000 citations.

Lead researchers:

Dániel Béres PhD
associate professor

Katalin Huzdik PhD
associate professor, vice dean, 
Faculty of Business, Communication and Tourism

The goal of the research team:

Assessing the national situation of financial literacy, evaluating the effectiveness of development programs.


English language publications

Hungarian language publications

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Numerous researchers, institutional and university partners participated in the researches and supported their implementation.

University partners:

  • Eötvös Loránd University
  • University of Szeged 
  • Gál Ferenc University. 

Supporting institutions:

  • State Audit Office of Hungary
  • Money Compass Foundation
  • Econventio Foundation 

Research fellows:

  • Boglárka Deák-Zsótér (CORVINUS University) 
  • Henriett Kiri (GFE), 
  • Péter Kovács (SZTE), 
  • Aranka Mészáros (SZIE) and 
  • Alexandra Luksander (SAO).