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FAQ about online learning from September 2020

Have you been dreaming about studying abroad for long and now Coronavirus is threatening your plans? Don't worry, we got an answer for all burning questions.

How safe is Hungary in terms of Covid-19 infections?

As of 18 May, shops and business have resumed normal operations in Hungary and universities are allowed to open. Hungary is one of the least affected European countries and one of only a few not having introduced curfews. Compared to the rest of Europe, Hungary’s infection curve is flat, which is reason for optimism. Even the worst affected European countries plan to resume normal life by the end of June so we have every reason to believe that this will happen earlier in all of Hungary.

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Will the university start classroom teaching in September?

Yes. At this point it is unlikely that restrictions on face-to-face university studies will remain by September.

What should I do if I cannot submit my visa or there is a delay in the visa decision?

If you receive admission, we guarantee that we will provide all courses online so that you can start your studies irrespective of your visa status. We encourage all prospective students to submit visa applications immediately when consulates resume accepting them.

The central visa appointment reservation system has already re-opened for certain countries and we expect full availability from 1st June. Please check if “D-Visa” application option is already available in your country at following webpage.

If your country is not listed, please contact the local consulate of Hungary via their website.

If you don’t receive a visa decision in time, you can start your classes online and can switch to classroom format immediately when you arrive.

What will happen if the borders are still closed in September?

You will begin your studies online. As soon as borders open and you receive your visa, you will study with us in Hungary.

Will I have the same courses during online learning as if I was present in person?

Yes. You will be able to study the same courses and achieve full credits for the first semester, which we will count towards your chosen degree program.

If you are an art student, the content and requirements of your first semester art courses will be designed to accommodate online participation. When you arrive in Budapest you will also have access to the studios, labs, and workshops of METU (depending on your study program). However, you will be able to complete your first semester courses with full credits even if you cannot participate in classroom activities on campus.

Will the content of online and classroom teaching be the same?

Yes. Our instructors will also endeavor to make this an interesting experience for you, although this will inevitably feel different from face-to-face teaching. You should expect that starting online is a good temporary solution, but you will also look forward to your actual study abroad experience in a foreign country. 

Does it cost less to complete the whole semester online?

We will provide the same academic content to you and you will be able to gain the same credits as during face-to-face learning. We encourage all students who receive their visa to travel to Hungary as soon as possible to maximize their learning benefit.

What happens if my visa application is rejected?

If your visa application is rejected, you can finish your first semester online and receive a transcript of credits acquired. If you later choose to pursue a degree program in the same field at METU, these credits will be counted towards completion. You can also use this transcript to apply to other universities who may accept these at their discretion. We will also provide a full refund of the tuition fee paid for the second semester.

What happens if I complete the whole first semester online?

If you complete the first semester online, you will acquire the same credits as your fellow students who studied in person at METU. This means that if you receive your visa, you will be able to join the second semester in Hungary with your fellow students who started in the classroom in September.

What if the restrictions last for more than one semester and I cannot travel to Hungary for a longer time?

We will provide the option to study online until the travel restrictions are lifted even if that means a longer period than one semester. Long-term travel restrictions due to Covid-19 seem extremely unlikely but we will ensure that you can study online even if that becomes the case.

What are the benefits of starting my semester online instead of waiting until the travel restrictions are lifted?

Starting online will allow you to fulfil your academic plans on time, without any delay. Commencing higher education studies is one of the most important events in your life and, if your circumstances allow it, we believe you should go ahead confidently. In addition, the option to start the first semester in February is unavailable to art students so they would have to skip a whole year.

Covid-19 has caused an economic recession so there is no better time than now to invest in your international education to improve your career outlook!

Can I receive the excellence scholarship if I study online?

Yes, all students are considered for excellence scholarships whether they study in Hungary or online so you are encouraged to apply!

How does METU ensure a safe and healthy environment for students?

We will continue with the special measures we have taken until the Covid-19 crisis ends including additional disinfection of our buildings in full compliance with government regulations.