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RÓZSA CAMPUS 1077 Budapest, Rózsa utca 4-6.

Our building is the home of our art programs, equipped with workrooms and specialized classrooms meeting the requirements of training in the arts, such as a photo studio and laboratory. The workrooms of the graphic arts professional group are equipped with tools for manual and digital screen printing, etching and lithography. The glass wall of the studios offer people passing by a glimpse of the artists at work. The building has several rooms and open spaces, where exhibitions, workshops and lectures can be held for the art programs. In the assembly hall, computer stations offer students free access to internet services but most parts of the building are also covered by a wireless network. The art library is also located here, offering books for loan, a quiet reading room, printing, photocopying and scanning facilities.

ROTTENBILLER CAMPUS 1077 Budapest, Rottenbiller utca 17-19.

The newer art campus opened in this building in September. Sound studio, editing rooms, special television and computer laboratories, screening rooms are situated in the building. Also located here is a rarity in Hungary, the Leonar3Do lab as well, in which students may work in real space and time with the help of computers equipped with 3D configuration. Students studying at motion picture art programs have the opportunity to work with the professional Infinitely Scalable Intelligent Storage editing software.