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Education Methodology Research Group

Aim of the research group is to conceptualize, start and implement research activities to support strenghtening the education methodology culture at METU, with special regards to the implementation of myBRAND, as well as the dissemination of the international projects. The research group treats the fields or R&D&I as a coherent unit.

Leader of the research team:

Dr. habil Vilmos Vass PhD

Vilmos VASS is habilitated Professor of Education Science and a teacher of Hungarian language and literature, history and pedagogy. He has been teaching in schools and universities for 39 years. His professional area basically is curriculum theory, interdisciplinary curriculum development and analysis of curricular paradigms. His research on some fields of education science, such as pedagogy of competency development, especially study on conceptual evolution of competence and comparative analysis on competency-based curriculum planning. In the last decade, his research on the relationship between talented education and creativity and analysis on development and process of creative thinking. Now, the centre of his interests is the learning- and learner-centred paradigm, such as comparative analysis of competency-based curricual approches and creative knowledge transfer. He is the author or co-author of nearly 200 Hungarian and English language publications. He is a board member of several national and international associations. He is member of the Editorial Board of some national and international journals. He is a lecturer at some national and international conferences and workshops, he is a researcher and expert at nearly 20 international projects.

Lead researchers:

Vice-Rector for Innovation,
István Vilmos Kovács
Director of Educational Methodology
Prof. Dr. Zsolt Lavicza, 
Johannes Kepler University 


English language publications

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Hungarian language publications

  • Kiss Ferenc – Vass Vilmos: A digitalizáció és a tudásmenedzsment összefüggései az LLL 4.0 vonatkozásában. 17. Nemzeti és nemzetközi lifelong learning