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Dr. Róka Jolán

Dr. Róka Jolán Professor of Communication and Media Studies

Recently we had an interview with her where she shared some of her great moments at METU

1.Courses taught by you? 

Communication I, Communication II, Communication III, Visual Culture, Nonverbal Communication

2.How did your journey begin at METU?

I started my journey 20 years ago, as one of the founding professors.

3.As a professor / leader according to you what is the most dynamic thing about METU? 

METU has always been one of the leading higher education institutions in social sciences in Hungary. It has outstanding International reputation as well. 

4.Being a Teacher which course is your most favourite one and why so? 

All my courses are my favourite ones, but I especially like teaching a course on intercultural communication, because intercultural competence is an essential knowledge in our global environment.

5.How it feels being a part of such an International community and how it evolves you as a professor / leader? 

I have always been a part of different International communities both in professional and in private aspects. I have been teaching International students for more than 25 years, and participated in different International Research communities.

6.How would you describe your overall experience at METU so far? 

My overall experience is very deep, complex, comprehensive.

7.If you have to define METU and the community at METU in one sentence how will you define it? 

METU is a great institution to work for. Its community is highly intellectual and internationally diverse.