Course Registration FAQ

Autumn semester 2018/2019 Academic Year


Where do I have to register/ sign up for my course? 

Course registration is available via the Neptun system. Upon entry click on “Subjects” and then select the “Register for subjects”. Select the current term and your curriculum then click on the ‘List subjects’ button to see all the subjects launched in the current semester. Choose the subject you want to register for and by clicking the register option you will see the available courses. You need to tick the box on the right hand side and click on the Save option to register for the chosen course. 

Do I have to do the course registration for myself? 

From the start of the second semester, students taking a BA or an MA degree programme have to register themselves for the courses. For freshmen, course registration is carried out by the university in the first semester only

In case you start your BA/MA program right after a preparatory semester, you will be a 1st-semester student and your courses will be registered for you automatically.

Where can I find information about my courses? 

In Neptun and on Coospace under Documents/ Information for Students section in the Studies folder you can find subfolders such as Recommended curriculum

What is 'recommended curriculum'? 

It serves as a guide to the ideal schedule of the courses. It includes the compulsory subjects and their prerequisites which have to be completed within the length of the programme. Following the schedule of the curriculum enables you to complete your studies in a cost-effective way and within the time frame specified by the programme.  It is also advised to consider the specialization you plan to choose since certain specializations require the completion of specific subjects or they are dependent on the grade you gain in certain subjects.

How can I sign up for the two element courses?  

Regarding the two element courses that include a lecture and a seminar, you need to register for both at the same time. Therefore select Practical and EA courses in the Neptun system form the Available courses list in the Register for Subjects section.

If I have any outstanding liabilities, will I not be able to register for my courses?

METU only permits registration for those students who paid in at least 50% of their tuition fee of the current semester and settled any other service fees or previous liabilities (including library fees). The amount must be paid into the university’s bank account by the start date/or the latest before the start date of the course registration period. It is also important that in the finances section in the Neptun system the item is shown as fulfilled.  Please read the course registration guide regarding payment methods.

I cannot see the amount that I paid in on Neptun. What can I do? 

In case your tuition fee or other fees are not accounted and the status of the item in Neptun Finances/Payment is ’Active’ even after 5 working days, please submit the request Certifying payments made more than  5 business days ago on Neptun: Administration /Request – The Controlling department will double-check your transfer.

What is 'competitive course registration'? 

The only way to register for courses at the university is via competitive registration.  Successful registration for a course will depend solely on quickness. There are two rounds: in the first one you can only register for Compulsory subjects in the second round Optional subjects become available.

Can I modify a registered course?
Yes, it is possible. Select the Subjects/Registered subjects tab. You can click on the '+' sign at the end of the bar of the course, you have to choose the option you want: 'Registered course modification / Submission'. If you want to change the group of the course it is strongly recommended that you select the "Registered course modification" option, so no one will take your place at the previously registered course within the seconds you are changing.

I want to re-register for a course because I could not complete it previously. How can I register for it in Neptun?
If you have not completed a compulsory or optional course in a previous semester and you want to re-register it, you can choose that course under 'Subjects/ Register for courses' menu item. In the semester, select the appropriate semester and your curriculum and click on 'List subjects'. All subjects advertised will be displayed. You can use the 'Register' button to register for the course. If you have previously registered for the course three times, you will receive an error message and you will not be able to register for it. The fee for re-registering a course is 9000 HUF / course - that you will be able to see in Neptun after the end of the course registration period.

How many times can I register for a course?
You can register for a particular course in your curriculum six times. If you cannot complete the course for the sixth time, you may apply to register for it again in a Leniency application, after that - based on the rules - you will be dismissed. You can register a course three times in the Neptun study system as usual, however, for the 4th, 5th, and 6th-course registration you need to hand in a request and pay a procedural fee.

How can I register for a course for the 4th, 5th and 6th time?
The request is available under the Studies / Curriculum menu by clicking on the ‘+’ sign at the end of the course’s line.
After the successfully handed-in request, the system generates the special fee for the application, which is 16 000 HUF, that can be settled with bank card payment (SimplePay) under the Finances / Payment menu item. Processing of the application will only begin after the settlement of the fee. You can register the course once the application has been accepted.
The fee for re-registering a course is 9000 HUF / course - that you will be able to see in Neptun after the end of the course registration period.

Why can I not see available dates in the class schedule for a registered course?

There are some courses without any contact hours, such as Internship, Career Forum, trainings, workshops, etc. Although these courses have no contact hours, they have different requirements that need to be met, such as participation in forums, workshops, etc.

What does 'exam course' mean?
The student is entitled to register for a course as an exam course if attended the lectures but did not pass the exam during his previous studies, and is forced to re-register for the course again due to the unsuccessful exam.

How can I register/deregister courses / modify a group after the course registration period?
Course registration/ deregistration /group modification beyond the deadline involves 6000 HUF/course procedural fee. There is an opportunity to register/deregister/modify the group beyond the deadline (according to the academic year) for the student in Neptun.

Can I register/deregister courses / modify a group if I have missed the deadline beyond the deadline?
You may apply for Leniency application addressed to the Dean for the course in Neptun under Administration/ Requests / Leniency application addressed to the Dean. The fee for the request is 16,000 HUF (in case of positive judgment and refusal too). The fee for the postponement course registration is 6,000 HUF / course. You can submit a request for deregistration of a course till the 1st of Oct in the autumn semester and the 1st of March in the spring semester.

Is there any limit for taking up credits per semester?

There are no minimum or maximum credit limits determined. Students can register for any amount of credits. The proposed progress is 30 credits/semester. We advise you to follow your curriculum for the study program, especially pay attention to courses built upon each other.

Can I register for courses built upon each other paralelly in a semester?

No, students cannot register to a course of which prerequisite is not fulfilled, therefore registering subjects paralelly is not allowed, not even with Leniency application.

Once I have registered for a course, is it sure that it is going to start?

Please check the number of students on your registered courses just before the end of the course registration period. In case the number of students is below 10, the course is not likely to start, so it is advised to change your registration to another group which has more than 10 registered students.

In case a course is not launched because of the low number of participants, you will be informed and will have the possibility to register for another course.

I am on an MA study program, I would like to register for egalization courses. How shall I do that?

Egalization courses can be registered during the ’Course registration for optional courses’ period.

I would like to register for an obligatory course which is not on the list of available courses. What shall I do?

In case you progress according to your curriculum and you did not have any passive semesters, you should see the courses planned for your current semester as available courses. If the course you need is not there to register, please contact the Student Information Centre.

In case you do not progress according to your curriculum, and you would like to register a course you have not fulfilled during the previous semesters or you had a passive semester so you diverged from the proposed curriculum, it is possible that an obligatory course is not available to register. In this case, you can request the course as a course not launched. For this please go to Neptun: Studies/Curriculum, choose the course and submit the request. Submission of „Request for a course not launched” is free of charge. Your request will be evaluated, and in case it is accepted the Directorate of Customer Services and Studies will register the course for you. It might be launched as an exam course, or the classes will be held in bulk, or you will have some projects to hand in, you will be informed about the requirements in the decision.

Where can I see my class schedule?

You can check your schedule in Neptun under Studies/Class schedule. Tick the box at items to show then select view combined and choose the current term. 

You can double-click on the overlapping course in your class schedule, and in the pop-up window you can see further class dates. Choose the one to which you would like to change your registration, click on Save and the course will be changed.

Is it possible that my compulsory classes overlap so they’re held at the same time and I cannot attend one of them?

In case of following the schedule of the recommended curriculum the university guarantees that compulsory subjects won’t overlap in your schedule. However, in some cases lecture-seminar or lecture-lecture may overlap - even if you follow the recommended schedule. It is recommended that you check your class schedule for further class dates to change your registration. Taking into consideration that lectures are not compulsory subjects, therefore, you can decide which one you would like to attend. 

If I have already fulfilled a compulsory subject, can I ask for an exemption?

Yes, you can. Please read our guide about credit transfer in CooSpace under the  Studies section. You can find the request form in Neptun/Studies/Recommended Curriculum which you need to fill in and send to us. The procedural fee is 4000 HUF for each subject which must be paid in order to start the procedure.

Where can I find the course description/Syllabus?

The syllabus can be found in Coospace/ Documents, Information for students/Studies/Syllabus/given term.