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Immigration Office - Residence permit

My residence permit will expire soon. How can I renew it? 

Expiring residence permits will be automatically lengthened until 45 days after the end of the state of emergency in Hungary. This is stipulated by Government Decree 85/2020 (IV. 5.) If your residence permit is about the expire, we advise that you apply for extension immediately or very soon after the end of the state of emergency. This will give you the best chance to have your permit extended in time as the authorities may be overloaded with applications after the end of the state of emergency. If you have any further questions, please contact the Immigration Office.

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Examination - Exam period

Will the exams be held online in the Spring semester? 

Yes, the exams will be online in the Spring semester. Details will be sent later to all students.


Do you know what will happen with the midterms? Will it be online as well? 

Yes, the whole semester will happen online. Regarding the midterms, please contact with the tutors.

Final Exam (students who finish their studies on the current semester)

Will the Final Exam happen online as well?

The Final Exam will be organized according to the University’s Academic Calendar: between 22nd June and 3rd July 2020. The Final Exams will happen online from home without personal attendance. The requirements of the Final Exams are available on Coospace.

Student Cards

My Student Card Sticker will expire on the 31st of March or I don't have the Autumn semester's sticker. What should I do?

Your Student Card stickers of the 2019/20 Autumn semester on your permament student card are going to be accepted after the 31st March by the Public Transports’ members of staff until the order’s withdrawal date.

I only have Temporary Student Card which will expire soon. What should I do?

In case you do not have a permament student card, or your sticker is later then that of the 2019/20 Autumn semester, you may be able to request a temporary student card via email or phone call from the Student Information Centre.

I do not have any application for the Student Card. Can I receive Temporary Student Card?

In case you do not have application for the Student Card but you have an active student status in this semester you may be able to request a temporary student card via email or phone call from the Student Information Centre.


Is the Library still accessible? Will I receive a late fee if I couldn't return a rented book before closure?

We have created a Library info scene on Coospace, that we continously expand according to the needs and new online resources. We have extended all rentals until the 18th of May, so noone will receive a late fee. Although the previously incurred debt is still active, however we stopped the growth from the first day of closure on the 12th of March.

Click on the Links for further details: Library information.

Going back to my home country

I can do my distance learning from my home country as well. Can I go back to my home country?

You can finish your semester online because of the online learning and online examinations but the University is not in the position to advise you regarding your travel plans, this is your decision.


Can I request certificates online? Are online certificates valid?

Please note that due to the closure of the university and the recommendation of the Hungarian government, the Student Information Centre works in home office now, therefore  the documents cannot be signed, stamped and scanned. Instead, a statement has been added at the bottom of the page referring to the government decree. All these certificates are official without the original signature.


Currently attending in Erasmus + abroad

Currently I am attending my mobility semester abroad. Should I stay or should I go back to Hungary/my home country?

Please note that we have uploaded a guide to the Coospace platform regarding the current situation made by the Tempus Közalapítvány.

For further information, please contact the Erasmus Office (

Click on the Links for further details: Guides for Erasmus Students

Currently attending in Erasmus + at METU

I am an exchange student at METU. I would like to go back my home country.

Please note that we have uploaded a guide to the Coospace platform regarding the current situation made by the Tempus Közalapítvány.

For further information, please contact the Erasmus Office (

Click on the Links for further details: Guides for Erasmus Students

Future applicants

I have applied for the Erasmus+ Exchange Program for the 2020/2021 autumn semester. What should I do.

Regarding the result of your application and your future Erasmus+ Exchange Programme, please be in contact with the Erasmus Office (


Distance Learning

Will I be able to access the online classes at a later date?

Accessing the online classes at a later date can be different in case of each subjects. Please contact the Tutor of the subject via the Coospace scene.


Will there be any specialization selection forum?

You can find Power Point Presentations on the Coospace / Specialization Selection Forum scenes.

Please check the Excel-sheet uploaded to the scence to learn where to find the content related to your specializations. 

Please bear in mind that the specialization selection deadline is the 31th of March.

Degree Thesis

Electronic Submission

How should I submit my Degree Thesis? What is the process of submission? What is the final date of submission

Please be informed about the rector’s directive on the modification of the deadlines and mode of the theses submission on 2019/2020 academic year.

Electronic submission

Free of charge

ART: 3 April 2020

NON-ART: 22 April2020.

Grace period

ART: 10 April2020

NON-ART: 29 April 2020


<Degree Thesis/Diploma Work / Degree Thesis and Diploma work administration (art students)>

<Degree Thesis/Diploma Work / Degree Thesis administration (non-art students)>

Click on the Links for further details: NON-ART Students Degree Thesis Electronic Submission Guide spring semester 2020 NON-ART SOON

Consultation I.

I have registered for the Degree Thesis Consultation I. course and I have received an email at the beginning of the semester regarding the compulsory attendance of the General Degree Thesis Forum and the Library Forum. How can I attend?

Due to the current extraordinary situations from 12th March, 2020 until further notice, students are prohibited to enter the University premises, and are required to continue their studies via distance learning, thus the Degree Thesis Consultation I. course's forums will also be organized online.

Please, follow the previously set Coospace platforms, where you may find useful information and documents. 

A presentation has been uploaded to the General Degree Thesis Forum’s platform. 

The study material for the Library Forum will be uploaded until 24th April, 2020.

For both the forums you may contact the assigned tutors after checking the uploaded documents.

In order to write my Degree Thesis I did not have the necessary literature, also the research process has faced obstacles due to the lack of personal meetings and the current economic situation. Is there any way to submit my Degree Thesis later?

In case you feel like in the current situation you were not able to prepare a sufficient quality Degree Thesis, you can submit your Degree Thesis next semester. Submission in a later period does not entail additional fees. In this case your Final Exam registration is going to be cancelled automatically free of charge.

How can I submit my Diploma Work?

The Diploma submission method will be described in the Final Exam requirements, which we will send a detailed notification of.

Is the Final Exam forum going to be held?

Not in the usual setting, but there is a detailed material, that we are preparing, which will be available on the Coospace/ Documents/ Information for Students scene. In connection with this, we will send a Neptun notification.

Click on the Links for further details: Genaral Degree Thesis Forum Coospace PlatformLibrary Forum Coospace Platform.

CareerCenter, Training, myBRAND, Internship

How can I use the services of the CareerCenter?


Phone: + 36-1-273-2461 

Monday: 10am - 2pm 

Tuesday-Friday: 10am - 3pm 

Learn more:

The company where I spend my internship terminated my internship contract. What should I do if I cannot complete my internship?

We offer several opportunities to complete your internship. As each case is unique, please contact the Career Center by phone or email.

How will the trainings be held?

If you are in your final semester and have applied for the final exam, you can complete your training with an assignment. If you are not in your last semester, you will have the opportunity to complete your training in the fall semester.

How will the Career Forum be held?

The Forums will be held in distance learning at the originally scheduled time. You can find more information on how to complete the course on CooSpace.

How can I apply for Career Consultation?

Setting a career goal, searching internship placement, resume writing, job searching methods, interview preparation, we provide the same service via skype / video chat. You can apply at:

How can I apply for myBRAND Consultation?

We provide the same service on myBRAND / portfolio building via skype / video chat. You can apply at:

How can I get news about internships and job opportunities?

Job and internship advertisements continuously coming to the University are posted constantly.