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Cinematography MA

(available only in Hungarian)

Graduates of the program become motion picture professionals who are able to analyze the surrounding world visually and redefine it through visual images with the help of their visual imagination, sense of composition and individual approach. 

Students of the program can master the characteristics of visual imagery, visual culture and related arts, the theoretical and practical methodology of filmmaking. The program equips student with all necessary skills and knowledge needed to realize their own creative potential, cooperate with other motion picture professionals in a creative way and to create the perfect visual images according to the directors’ ideas. 



  • Learn in depth about the science of cinematic lighting, the use of image size, angles, angle of view and the use of shotlist 
  • Practice camera movements, long takes, special shooting techniques 
  • Learn how to use the technical tools necessary for camera work 
  • Learn about lenses, the main types of cameras, lighting, camera movement and grip tools