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Have you ever dreamed of studying abroad or doing an internship on the other side of the world? You can! With the new scholarship, administered by the Tempus Public Foundation, you can have the ultimate international experience!

Where do I sign up?

•Please check out for the application.

Until when can I apply?

•Studies: deadline 30 September 2019
•Internships: deadline 30 September 2019
Am I eligible?
•You completed at least 1 semester at METU
•You have an active student status at METU.
•You have basic knowledge of the working language.
•You can’t apply to your country of citizenship
•Not if you’re already benefitting from a Hungarian scholarship.
•For more information, please check out the pdf file at the bottom of this page. It covers all the relevant information in a detailed way.

How long can I stay?

•Studies: 3 (90 days) to 5 months
•Internships: 3 (90 days) to 5 months
Where can I go?
•Studies: EVERYWHERE° (as long as you have an acceptance letter). For METU partner universities, click on the excel file below this page.
•Internships: ANYWHERE° (as long as you have an invitation)
What about the money?
•Depending on the country, your monthly allowance can be from 200 000 to 350 000 HUF!
•Look at the country categories in the PDF file at the bottom of this page.

What about the application?

This is what you need (signed, scanned, and stamped):
•Online application form
•Motivation letter and study/work plan
•Recommendation and Institutional approval
•Proof of language proficiency
•Invitation letter (internship)
•Acceptance letter (free mover).
These documents can be downloaded at the bottom of this page.

In case you want to have more info, please check out the detailed call at the bottom of this page. 

Still have questions? Feel free to write us on


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Motivation Letter Study Plan

Teacher Recommendation Institutional Approval

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