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Developing Flavours, adventures and cultural values of Backa – gastro- and handycraft cross-border tourism route - BACROUTE

Lead Beneficiary: Szank Local Government

Project ID: HUSRB/1903/31/0066

Total Project budget: 424 933,96 Euro

EU contribution (IPA): 361 193,86 EUR

Project duration: 01/02/2021 – 31/07/2022

Project summary:

The project is about to develop a new thematic gastronomic, handicraft route under a joint brand name that will be implemented in a commonly coordinated cross-border tourism destination, formed by Local Municipality of Mali Idjos (including 3 settlements: Mali Idjos, Feketics and Lovcenac) from Serbia, and 6 Local Governments from Hungary (Szank, Kiskunmajsa, Csólyospálos, Móricgát, Jászszentlászló and Kömpöc). The goal is to create an innovative tourism product based on shared cultural and natural heritage, thereby facilitating the exploitation of sustainable and valueadded eco resources. Activities in the project are aiming at promoting sustainable utilization and development of natural and cultural heritage, while capitalization and durability of results are also emphasized. The route connects the master craftsmen of project area, who manufacture their products using natural materials, resources of the region. 

Main features of the project are as follows: an existing partnership will be developed to a higher level; Joint appearance and close cooperation is essential in making common initiatives successful; All the activities are implemented in cross-border cooperation, with Cross Border impact; Activities will be carried out by partners in synergy, with several innovative elements. 

The main activities are: 

  • common design and common publications on the common destination;
  • joint appearance at Hungarian-Serbian tourism festivals;
  • organized study tours to ‘catalysts’ from outside the target region;
  • development of a new off- and online thematic tour map;
  • development of an audioguide system;
  • organizing cooking workshops;
  • creating digital cook book;
  • organizing guided bicycle tours for eco friendly reasons;
  • organizing handicraft camps for disadvantaged people;
  • organizing trainings for the local producers to be able to sell their touristic products on a more efficient level;
  • establishing info points at the local producers’ places.

METU’s contribution to the project as subcontractor:

  • conducting a preliminary survey and elaborating a preliminary study
  • joint planning in the common tourism region;
  • organising trainings for the local producers and other tourism actors;
  • developing an online tourism map;
  • developing an audio-guide system;
  • developing a common brand and elaborating a brand handbook;
  • designing and organising online and offline promotional campaigns and other communication activities;
  • developing a project website;
  • creating a short promotional video of the project.