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Abdul Majed - Business Administration and Management Bsc

Abdul Majeed Ashraf Yar Graduated from Business Administration and Management BSc

My name is Abdul Majeed, I’m from Afghanistan and I recently graduated from Budapest Metropolitan University and currently living in Chicago 

How will you describe your journey at METU?

So it all started in September 2016. Previously I was studying in Turkey in North Cyprus and then moved to Budapest in 2016. My journey at METU has been outstanding. Where its related to studies or student life I have learnt a lot and had a great exposure for myself which will surely be useful for me in the near future. My Journey did start with a bit of being homesick but as the time passed I started feeling home here at METU 

What was the best thing you liked about your course?

The best thing about the course which I studied is that it was really dynamic and project based I would say. We not only had knowledge from the classrooms and the books but we even received practical knowledge. We use to go to field trips at different locations every semester depending which subject we study. Our class group was always around 25-30 students and we kind of became a family by the time we graduated. I basically acquired both practical and theoretical knowledge while studying this course at METU and I felt really happy and satisfied with my decision of choice.

Which was your favourite course and why?

Actually choosing one is a bit difficult as all the courses were good at their parts and even the professors, but the most interesting course for me was Management and Organization. As it was always a part of my interest of study as I have a family business and was always keen to know the details of how can one do this. 

Any special moments at METU?

Regardless some great knowledge acquired and amazing professors the best thing at METU besides all this was the student community. We have a lot of events “METU on Move” which was organised by Luca Utassy. These events actually made the student community stronger and functional and helped new students to socialise and make some amazing friends from all over the world. 

What are your future plans? 

I recently Graduated and currently living in Chicago, as I’m working in sales now for time being but looking for further opportunities here in USA.